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Paul Kiener 's film career started at 15 years old in the backyard of his boyhood home in Salt Lake City, Utah using his father's 8mm movie camera.  Talking friends and family into starring in and directing thirteen movies, he would continue his passion for filmmaking throughout high school.

Later while attending Brooks Institute of Photography and studying under Merle Dobre  producer of the Academy Award Winning  "Endless Summer,"  He would earn his first award for filmmaking when he produced the best black and white commercial there. 

It was under Mel Hardman, the creator of Sun Classic Pictures, that he would learn the art of handholding 16mm cameras  which allowed him to film kayakers riding the rapids of the Grand Canyon or filming the world's fastest cars as they attempt to set the world land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats.


While serving in the National Guard, he would produce training and promotional  films for  the Utah, California and Texas National Guard.  His work for the  Guard would bring him national recognition. With his military background he would produce other feature documentaries including the "Horrors of War" series. 


Never one to be satisfied with a single genre, he would go on to produce and direct B-movies including "The Streak Car Company,"  "Savage Water"  and "Wendigo." 


His latest production a feature film  "Cataract Gold" is in distribution and he is working on two feature films and two cable network mini-series.

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